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The key to a great landscape is factoring in a variety of personal and site specific needs.  Taking those things into account in the early stages of any landscape project will yield a great final result.  Explore some of those key items to make your dream landscape project a reality!


Choosing the right materials for your landscaping project can be a bit overwhelming.  Today, the industry has placed focus on man made wall block and paver systems which, while they create a clean look and space, lack a quality that can only be achieved using natural stone.

Is natural stone the right choice for your project?

Explore the benefits of using natural stone for your landscape project.....

Yards Apart specializes in the installation of natural stone walls, walkways, patios, and boulder accents.

Natural stone creates a "classic" look and feel that never goes out of style!

Boulders make great accents and create places to sit!

Natural stone can be used exclusively to create a look like this or.....

.....mix it with man made products to create a space like this!

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